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Pot Grinder & Herb Grinder Information and Pictures

Pot Grinder – Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder

The Acrylic 3-Piece pot grinder is a perfect mix of precision, convenience, functionality, and reliability. Made using strong acrylic resins, this pot grinder is designed to provide precision herb grinding within a light-weight, transparent package. The high level of transparency in acrylic allows you to see your herbs as you are grinding them, and due to acrylics’ high weather resistance this pot grinder is guaranteed never to fade or yellow.

The magnetized lid ensures a tight-fit during the grinding process. Simply place your herbs inside the pot grinder and place the magnetized lid on top.  Once the herbs are ground to your liking, remove the magnetized lid. The freshly ground herbs can then be used or, if you choose, they can be stored in the air-tight storage compartment on the bottom of the pot grinder. Simply remove the bottom lid from the pot grinder. Place your freshly ground herbs in the lid, then place the middle piece on top to seal your freshly ground herbs in.

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Pot Grinder & Herb Grinder Ordering Information:

Pot Grinder Minimum Order is 200

The Average pot grinder order is about 500 grinders per dispensary.  We offer price breaks and a better savings at purchases that include 1000 grinders or more.  Offer a new patient gifts that lasts, offer a pot grinder!

Keep in mind that if you average about 10 New patients a day, 100 grinders will only last you about 10 days and then you’ll have to place another order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery

With this in mind: Placing an order of 500 pot grinders is the preferred route to help streamline your processes and avoid having to run out, wait and then re-order.  Your patients will be telling their friends! So it’s best to stock up!

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